Tapiit Live is thinking of the hundreds of thousands of seafarers stranded at sea as we mark World Maritime Day. The event gives us chance to focus on the work of those who bring supplies to our shores, made more poignant by the global impact of the pandemic. 

For 2020, the theme is ‘sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’, giving an opportunity for the shipping industry to demonstrate its efforts to meet sustainability targets, anything from reducing marine litter to encouraging more women into the sector.When it comes to sustainability, the IMO has pledged to improve the efficiency of shipping through the electronic exchange of information and meet the challenges of the digitalisation of shipping – a pledge Tapiit Live is driving towards through delivery of our live stream training courses for the industry. 

Tapiit Live have developed several courses which will help to educate seafarers in how recent changes in legislation will affect how they operate on a daily basis onboard their vessel. Launching in the upcoming months is the 'Low Sulphur 2020' and the 'Environmental Awareness' course. With about 300,000 seafarers worldwide forced to stay on ships beyond their contracts due to travel restrictions, attention has quite rightly been drawn to mental health provision, with many feeling isolated, missing families and at risk of depression. 

Since March, we’ve been delivering our mental health course – ‘Mental Wellbeing at Sea at Times of Uncertainty’ – to provide seafarers with practical tools to cope with stressful situations. 

Developed with clinical psychologist Dr Rachel Glynn-Williams, from Liverpool-based Seaways Psychology Services, the one-hour course is live streamed to ships in a group environment in a mess or training room, and includes workbooks to complete, breathing space techniques for dealing with anxiety and the chance to interact with Dr Glynn-Williams as a group or privately.  

Ship captains have reported crew members engaging with each other much more, coming out of the four walls of their cabins to interact in mess rooms and using the exercises to keep their minds healthy. 

On World Maritime Day, we urge everyone to ensure seafarers are not forgotten and that they receive the support they need during these challenging times. 


For more information about any of Tapiit Live's Courses or their Bespoke Services available please contact us: info@tapiitlive.com