Toolbox Talks:

Who is this course for

Toolbox Talks course is designed for the companies to onboard and introduce to their seafarers, whether they are currently ashore and/or at sea.

Tailored approach

Tapiit Live will work directly with your company to understand your training requirements and will taylor the course to your needs. We will also work with you to include your company related information, e.g. references, policies, resources.

Training schedule

All courses are delivered on bespoke basis. Training schedule will be agreed with each company and sessions will be live-streamed on the agreed date/time, whether delivered to attendees ashore or directly onboard the vessel.

About the course

The lack of Toolbox Talks onboard vessels is deemed the root cause of the majority of accidents. This course is designed to help all seafarers understand the key principles of Toolbox Talks. We will ensure that all seafarers who attend our live interactive course have the knowledge they require to conduct Toolbox Talks in the appropriate manner. This will increase safeguarding so that all the crew can ask the right questions before beginning their task.

Aim of the course

The course aims to increase the safety culture of crew members by allowing informal safety discussions to take place.


We will focus on the benefits of Toolbox Talks for all employees and mainly cover the four main elements:

  • Potential accidents and how to avoid them
  • Potential disruptions and delays
  •  How to improve working methods currently in place
  • How to use the equipment onboard efficiently and safely