The problem

Lithium-ion battery fires are becoming more common as the volume of batteries in use increases. Not only do we all have lithium-ion battery-powered phones and laptops, but we are also observing an increased number of EV vehicles, e-scooters, solar panels, and various devices in our homes, garages, work places, transportation units, and storage facilities. The catastrophic failure of these batteries can lead to some major challenges, especially in the maritime and transport sectors. As technology evolves, so should our preparedness and training levels.

We believe the starting point of any learning programme is to create a sound and consistent foundation of knowledge. We have, therefore, put forward an online course to provide an essential level of awareness that every member of an organisation that employs personnel working in the vicinity of Lithium-ion batteries should have, up to and including the most senior levels of leadership and accountability

What does the training involve?

Understanding the hazards and risks of Lithium-ion batteries for anyone who uses them, at work, at home, or in recreation. This course provides basic technical knowledge, and advice on how to identify the hazards, and provides early emergency actions when encountering a potentially dangerous Lithium-ion battery.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who is using, handling, working with, storing, or transporting devices/objects containing a lithium-ion battery (e.g. phones, laptops, EV vehicles, e-scooters, e-cigarettes, solar panels, and much more).

Course content

  • An introduction to lithium-ion batteries and how they are used
  • Basic principle of 'Thermal Runaway' and battery fires
  • Ways of spotting warning signs of battery damage and runaway
  • Instruction on the initial actions to take when faced with a battery fire


Online, at your own time and convenience.


25 - 30 minutes