Our vision

Our vision is to revolutionise online training, by using industry-leading technology to provide a platform that gives our customers the ability tailor their training to match their individual needs.

Tapiit works with industry leaders and organisations to develop and deliver training in all areas and sections of the maritime industry. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, being the first company to deliver constant live-streamed training direct to crews at sea. We deliver training through a multifunction app developed in conjunction with a leading ship registry to allow for more flexible learning.

Our Values

The Common Traits That Characterise Us

Learn what defines us a team and as a company.
These are the values that we strive to live by each day.
Honesty and integrity

We value honest and open communication, both inside out company and with our customers.

Daily hard work

We work hard every day. We keep our promises, provide upfront timelines and bring predictability.


We take ownership of any outcomes and never say "that's not my job." We Act on behalf of the company to see things through.


The culture with which we support each other fosters honest, open and meaningful relationships. We invest in each other because we win or lose as a team.


We nurture curiosity and new ideas. We learn from our errors, and constantly endeavour to exceed expectations. Using Innovation we create solutions for our customers.

Passion and enthusiam

We love what we do. With this passion at the core of everything we do, we foster ideas, encourage excellence, and find innovative ways to eliminate barriers for cultivating development.

Our Amazing Team

Picture of Richard Turner
Richard Turner

Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Anastasia Kohanuka
Anastasia Hurst

General Manager

Picture of Nick Heath
Nick Heath

IT Manager

Picture of Greg Fox
Greg Fox

Web Developer